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Some Personal Information:
  • Minneapolis, MN Homepage, my current place of residence - Meet Minneapolis
  • Minnesota News and Information - Minneapolis Star Tribune
  • St. Paul News and Information - St. Paul Pioneer Press
  • This is the church where I grew up in and still attend when in town - First Covenant Church of Willmar, MN
  • My home town, where I was born and raised - Willmar, MN
  • My home town's newspaper - West Central Daily Tribune
  • KARE 11 TV - KARE 11 TV
  • WCCO TV and Radio - WCCO TV and Radio
  • KMSP Channel 9 - UPN Channel 9
  • FOX Network - The FOX Network
  • A great place to vacation. I used to live here for 2 1/2 years - Brainerd, MN...Great fishing, etc!!
  • This is where I went to school for computers (Thanks Alex TC!!) - Alexandria Technical College
  • This is where I went to high school - Willmar Senior High School

    Hey, Willmar Senior High School Alumni! I have put together a mailing list and a place for us Card's to hang out in. Check it out! Class of 1979 rocks!!

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    Business/Career Related Sites:

  • This is current employer - Alliance Software Development (A division of Taymark)/Does not currently have a public website
  • This is a previous employer - Superior Products Manufacturing Company
  • This is my previous employer - ESP Software Services, Inc.
  • This is my previous employer's parent company - The Cotelligent Group
  • My internet provider - Comcast (Formerly AT&T)
  • One of my previous assignments - H.B. Fuller Co.
  • Another one of my previous assignments - Cargill, Inc.
  • A Pretty Good HelpDesk Organization - The HelpDesk Institute
  • One of the computer platforms I work on - IBM AS/400 Homepage
  • My Home Personal Computer - Compaq, Inc.
  • Microsoft's Homepage - Microsoft, Inc.
  • The Browser I Use - NetScape
  • 400+ Christian Businesses - Christian Businesses

    Various seperate pages I had to create because of volume:

  • My Christian Page - Douglas Sands Christian Page
  • My Search Page - Douglas Sands Search Page
  • My Software Page - Douglas Sands Software Page - Still converting links over from my old ISP, please be patient
  • My Internet Page - Douglas Sands Internet Page - Still converting links over from my old ISP, please be patient
  • My 'Get Paid To Surf' Page - Douglas Sands Get Paid To Surf Page - Want to get paid for doing something you are currently doing anyway?
  • My Awards Page (Remember, all credit goes to the Great I Am!!) - Douglas Sands Awards Page
  • Check this inspirational story out!! - Clean Blood
  • Did Jesus Use A Modem? - Cool Poem sent to me!
  • The Christian Music Forum Participate in discussion relating to various subjects dealing with Christian music.

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    Douglas Sands Tribute To The Ministry Of Petra

    Douglas Sands Christian Midi Collection

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    Discover Bible Guides On-Line

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    Fun and Games:

  • Want to play Bingo for free and win real cash? - The Bingo Zone
  • Play different kinds of trivia here - Uproar - A better waste of time!!
  • Another free area to play games (I found The Bingo Zone through here) -
  • Superdudes is a great gaming site. Meet me there under the nickname String!! - Superdudes
  • Neopets is a site for both the young and the not so young. Family friendly! - Neopets
  • Please don't click on this link (As he smiles at you!) - Don't Touch Me!!
  • The Official "Weird Al" Yankovic Web Page - "Weird Al" Yankovic
  • CyberCheeze - The Internet's Funniest Jokes, Humor and Cartoons - CyberCheeze
  • And, if you need Real Audio - Real Audio
  • Want to send a greeting card via the internet? Check this out!! - Internet Card Central

    My Favorite Sports Sites:

  • Professional Basketball - Minnesota Timberwolves
  • Professional Baseball - Minnesota Twins
  • Professional Football - Minnesota Vikings
  • Another cool Vikings site. Lot's of stuff to do here!! - Vik-Fan Homepage
  • Professional Hockey - Minnesota Wild
  • Semi-Pro Baseball (Very exciting baseball) - St. Paul Saints
  • College Sports (Go Gophers!!) - Minnesota Golden Gophers

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    ** Note: This page, like myself, is always under construction so please check back continously! Have a great day and fantastic eternity!!

    If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact me at the following e-mail addresses: (Primary) (Secondary)

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    Date last changed: December 29, 2004
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